It’s time for Arabic alphabet flash cards and matching games!


In my last blog arabic alphabet arts & crafts, I talked about letter recognition being the first stage of helping kids learn Arabic letters.  The second stage is “matching” letters.


We start by matching identical symbols or letters and then we move on to matching similar symbols and pictures.  So for example a letter is the same but written in different fonts.  Or it’s written in lower case and upper case.


Matching is important as children learn how letters, language, objects and other symbols can be represented in different visual forms yet the message remains the same.


Kai and Emm love playing arabic games with letter flashcards.  It may seem a bit simple but matching games are really effective.  Download the printable flash cards at the end of the post – I’ve made them for the arabic and english alphabet so you can work on either. Print two copies and cut them out.


IMG_3168Optional: you can stick one copy onto colored construction paper (eg blue) and stick the second set to a different colored construction paper (eg red).










 Arabic alphabet matching games for kids 1

–  Select six to ten pairs of the cards.

–  Mix the cards and turn them upside down on the table.


–  Ask your child to turn over two cards. If they are a matching letter set, the child keeps the cards and draws again until a match is not made.


–  If the card is unmatched, then they are turned back over and it’s the next player’s turn

–  Play continues until all pairs are matched. The player with the most cards wins.













Arabic alphabet matching games for kids 2

–  Place one set of cards face up on the floor.  You can put between 3-20 cards down on the floor.

–  You keep the other set.  Hold out one card from this set and ask the child to find the card from the set on the floor.


This type of activity helps to look at tracking and scanning – great for pre-reading where the eyes have to learn to track from right to left and up and down. 


If I’m working with Kai alone, I know he loves a time challenge so I’ll make it more fun by saying “you have 3 seconds to find the card” and you can see him get all giggly and excited.  Or he plays against me and he has to try and find it before I do.

If I’m working with Kai and Emm I’ll make it less competitive and give Emm a slight head start in seeing who gets it first .   But I make sure to give positive encouragement to the one who didn’t get it first also.  Some children don’t do well with time constraints, so watch out for this.  Time pressure can lead to more mistakes and at this stage you want to facilitate maximum success rate.


Arabic alphabet matching games for kids 3

Of course I can’t end this blog without mentioning the app “Arabic with Taha and Maryam – alphabet”.  Level 1 in this board game targets matching specifically.  It’s another resource to have in your box of tools and to mix things up and give your kids a different medium to learn from – so check it out 😉


In my next blog post I’ll be sharing an all time favorite game which the kids absolutely love!  Hint: it involves art & crafts and a monster!


Download free printable Arabic alphabet flash cards

Download free printable English alphabet lower case flash cards

Download free printable English alphabet upper case  flash cards