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board_2board_1Learning the Arabic alphabet for kids is made easy with this captivating board game educational app!

Children journey through an exciting park whilst completing letter flash cards. With up to 4 children playing at once, it’s the only multiplayer game of its type.  It’s suitable for all children (aged 3+) and especially useful for children who don’t speak Arabic as their first language.

Designed by a family doctor and a speech & language therapist with two children, the app ensures learning of the highest standard at the same time as being fun and entertaining. Mastering the Arabic alphabet will be the first step to reading the Arabic language and the Quran.


For a video demonstration of how the App features and how it works, please click on the link below.

Arabic with Taha and Maryam YouTube Video CLICK HERE!


What makes this game so special?

  • Up to four children of different ages can play at one time
  • 3 levels makes learning simple and easy.  Levels 1 and 2 look at matching and understanding letters – essential before moving on to level 3 naming letters.
  • Learning is at the pace of individual children
    • Artificial intelligence is used so new letters are only added when your child has learnt the preceding letters
    • A new game begins at the stage of learning from where it left off in the preceding game
  • Flash cards and audio allow the look and sound of arabic letters to be learnt
  • Letters are taught in a specially designed order taking into account
    • Normal speech-sound development
    • Visual features of individual letters
  • The progress page graphically shows how well your child is doing
  • Progress for up to 30 children can be saved
  • Safe environment with no advertising, in-app purchases or collection of personal information
  • Moms With Apps member and COPPA compliant



What skills are developed?

      • Memory and understanding of Arabic letters
      • Naming and pronunciation of Arabic letters
      • Counting and identifying numbers
      • Turn taking skills
      • Interaction & Social skills

We hope you have fun playing the game and learning the Arabic alphabet – so download it now and enjoy!

Suitable for ipad and iphone and all android devices.

FREE for the month of Ramadhan only.   Offer ends July 30th 2014.

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