Arabic Alphabet Arts & Crafts! With FREE alphabet coloring pages!


As you know, I’m teaching my children the arabic alphabets this Ramadan.

After my initial failed attempt (see my previous post), I’ve started introducing Kai and Emm to the arabic letters so they can start recognising them.  This is the first step in how to learn the arabic alphabet for kids or anything language related – have a look at “learning steps made easy” below.


learning steps full

I remember as a child, being given a book and simply being asked to repeat letters and then jump to the last stage of naming them.  The first stages of learning are extremely important to build a strong foundation and prevent frustration later on.  The problem is it’s time consuming but it’s well worth making the effort.

We spend more than a year just listening to language around us before we even begin to speak our first words.


Here’s what we’ve been up to:   (visual bombardment)

1. Arabic alphabet coloring

It can’t get any simpler – Download the free printable arabic alphabet coloring pages, print out the letters and let the fun begin!

We started off with crayons and felt tip markers.  I was trying to make sure the emphasis wasn’t on keeping within the black outlines of the letters but kept highlighting the important, distinguishing features of each letter.  For example, “ba is the only letter with one dot at the bottom”,  “alif is only a straight line”.


 Kai and Emm couldn’t resist painting – it started with the pages, then the floor… the walls…each other!!


finished letter







Note: keep the letters as you can use them in later activities.


2. Arabic alphabet arts & crafts

I cut out and stuck the arabic letter coloring pages onto the backs of paper plates and this time we got crafty –  sticking anything and everything we could get our hands on, including pipe cleaners, poms poms, even lentils….!


Lentils and pasta went down a treat – they enjoyed sprinkling on the different lentils and then mixing it up with pasta.  Using tissue paper was also easy and so effective.  We scrunched up bits of colored tissue and then started sticking.  Great activities for developing fine motor skills!
















Keep talking! (Auditory bombardment)

At every step I was talking about the Arabic letters and naming them over and over again.  This is auditory bombardment to accompany the visual.  It’s really important to do a lot of talking (which I have no problem with), rather than just leaving your kids to color, so they can learn the arabic letters and sounds.  For example :

“This is the letter alif”

“Ooooh you coloured Alif in so nicely”

“That’s a red alif”

“Should we put some glitter on the alif?”

You can even make up a song  “Alif, alif, alif, alif, the first letter of the alphabet is alif” Okay so clearly I’m not the greatest lyricist but you get the idea.

Don’t forget : Introduce letters depending on your child’s ability.
Kai picks up things very quickly and doesn’t need much repitition.  I’ve been able to introduce the letters at a quicker pace and with several letters at a time.  Emm is younger and I’ve had to work on just 2 or 3 letters, with a lot of repetition.


I’d love to see how your alphabet arts and crafts have turned out so please get in touch and send me pictures – either on facebook or message me at

Watch out for my next blog – I’ve got a great idea which I’ll be trying out tomorrow with Kai and Emm – hint: it involves stones and paint 🙂

IMG_3099 tissue







Download the free printable arabic alphabet coloring pages