Our vision


At Arrabee, our ambition is to create engaging games that children will love to play. At the heart of each game is learning of the highest standard, which can be tailored to individual children.  We believe learning should be fun and an experience parents and children can enjoy together.




My sister and I founded Arrabee in June 2013 to design and create high quality educational game apps. My sister is a family doctor (MRCGP, MBBS) based in London, UK, and I am a speech and language therapist (SLP-CCC) with two children, living in California, USA.


English is our first language and I was struggling to find suitable apps to help my children read Arabic. With our professional backgrounds we created our first app “Arabic with Taha and Maryam”.  We plan to create successive apps building on this one, to help children read Arabic through fun learning.


More about me


I qualified as a speech and language therapist from University College London in 2002 and am ASHA and RCSLT certified .  I have worked with children and adults on both sides of the Atlantic. I regularly use appropriate apps to aid my therapy sessions.  When developing speech and language skills in children, it is essential to break down the learning steps and also to create an entertaining environment to help maintain a child’s attention.